Covid-19 and The Salon

Hello Rev It Up Family!

A few things will be changing at the salon based on the guidelines provided by the CDC,DHEC,SOLA, and LLR. More information will be provided as I learn more information. Opening dates have not currently been determined.

Booking an appointment

  • Online booking is closed for all of May at this time

  • Join the wait-list by emailing

  • When online booking resumes all appointments booked online will need to be approved by me before the appointment will be officially booked. When you book your appointment a message will be sent to me and I will approve it or reach out to you about possibly changing the service or the time.

  • If you are sick or have come into contact with someone who has been sick in the last 24 hours, then please cancel your appointment.If you want me to be your hairstylist then help me stay safe.

  • Secure your next appointment to make sure you have a spot for the future.

  • I am only accepting 3 colors a day at this time

  • New guests are on a wait-list until my existing guests have been serviced first.

When you come for your appointment

  • Wearing PPE ( masks) will be required during your appointment. Please do not wear masks that need to tie behind your head or with a pony-tail. I am searching for wash-able cloth masks to provide in case you do not have one and would like your hair done.

  • Do not wear outside gloves into the building. Please go to the restroom to wash your hands before your service. If you are wearing gloves, I will ask you to throw them away. If you feel you need them I will provide you gloves to wear for an additional cost.

  • You won't be able to wait in the hallways anymore so you will need to wait in your car, text me (702) 370-1339 when you have arrived, and wait for a text from me to enter the building. The building will be locked.

  • If you come early , you will have to wait in your car.

  • No hand shakes or hugs please at this time.

  • No more candy dishes in the room because they are high touch.

  • Jackets will be hung outside of the salon doors on the coat hangers that are drilled to the right of my room door.

  • Absolutely NO extra guests in the salon at this time

  • The water cooler is gone, so I will be providing small water bottles from now on.

  • Sola requested absolutely no children in the building unless they are receiving a service.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided

At this time I am sharing guidelines that were created and shared by .

Sola Salons is also researching and creating new best practice for the entire building that they will share with us with shortly. I will add that information as I learn more.

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