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Vivid Color After Care

Do not wash hair for up to 48 hours after your service

Pastel colors last aprox. 4-6 shampoos/ 

color bomb every 3 shampoos

Vivid color last aprox. 8-12 shampoos

/ color bomb every 6 shampoos

(Color bombs: conditioner mixed with your color to maintain.) 

If you have rainbow (mulitiple colors) then embrace the fade! 

Use dry shampoo in between washes

If you need to wash your hair more regularly , then invest in a cleansing conditioner to alternate between regular shampooing

Use color safe / sulfate free shampoo

Deep condition every 2 wash days

Rinse with COLD water 

If you heat style your hair : Use heat protecting products before you iron your hair and turn your iron down to 375 degrees or below

Swimming is not recommended if you’re trying to maintain your color ,But you can wear a cap.

Invest in a silk bonnet to protect your face and bedding from getting stained by color as well as protecting your hair from traction breakage that can be caused by the fabric from your pillow.

These color will stain your tub. I recommend a mild abrasive cleaner for scrubbing off unwanted stains

Purchase dark towels or find towels that you don't mind being stained

 * Hard water can affect your color.

You can also protect your hair by using a filtered shower head. The filter shower head can help combat harmful and drying chemicals for stripping your color.

All colors fade differently depending on how you take care of your hair, and the condition of your hair prior to your service.

Remember to embrace the fade of your magical color! 

Rev It Up! Color Salon

(702) 370-1339 

Instagram: @_revitupcolorsalon

Closed: Sunday/Monday /Wednesday

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