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Blonde After care

Do not shampoo your hair for 24-48 hrs 

Wait 2-3 washes before using a toning shampoo & conditioner

If you haven’t washed your hair for a few days, use a clarifying shampoo before you start your toning regimen

Deep condition with a hydrating , protein , or Olaplex treatment 1-2 x per week 

Rinse your hair with cool water to maintain your color and use a sulfate free shampoo

If you must wash your hair everyday, utilize a cleansing conditioner in between shampoos to help preserve color 

Lower the temperature to 375 or lower depending on your hair texture while using hot tools to maintain healthy hair and good color retention

Next Service-

  Alternate between these 3 services to maintain beautiful color all year round!

Accent Highlight : 4 weeks

-Face framing Highlights

   Partial Highlight : 4-6 weeks   

      - Highlights around the top,face,and sides. 

  Full Highlight : 8-9 weeks

-All the hair is Highlighted

If you have Balayage, Shadow root, Soft Ombre, Tease- Lights you will want to come in for a glaze at 4 weeks ,or a Face frame touch up at 4-8 weeks , and lastly a full re-color at 4- 6 months 

Rev It Up! Color Salon


Instagram : @_revitupcolorsalon

Closed : Sunday/Monday

*Longevity of your color and the condition it's in will depend on how you take care of your hair. Healthy hair requires proper at home care.

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