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Deposit/Cancellation Policy

Rev It Up! Color Salon

will be requiring a non- refundable service deposit to book any hair color service.

The deposit you've payed to book your appointment will be credited to your account and will be added into your total service at the end of your appointment.


-When you no call/ no show for your appointment, you will be forfeiting your deposit. The deposit will be used to supplement the time that has been taken away from me being able to accommodate another guest.

-When you need to cancel your appointment please due so within 48 hours before your scheduled appointment allowing me at least 2 days to fill your time slot with another guest.

-If you cancel and reschedule the appointment within the same month then and only then will your original deposit be credited to the rescheduled appointment.

-Deposit are used to secure your appointment date and spot and also helps me make sure I have any specialty products on hand to create your desired look.

*If you have any questions please feel free to email

expect policies to be updated again in 2024

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