Protecting your hair during summer

June 30, 2018


After hearing so many people complain about dry,flat,lifeless hair I decided to do some research for you all.


Swimming at the pool 

- Try not to wash your hair before you spend the day at the pool because you are stripping off precious natural oils that protect your hair from the harsh chemical of a swimming pool.

- Use a leave-IN conditioner to protect your hair while you swim. This can help prevent blondes from turning a greenish color and becoming a tangled mess 

-Find a clarifying shampoo with the chemical ethylene tetra-acetic acid to prevent the negative effects of Chlorine on the hair. another option you can use is 1/4 c apple cider vinegar + 2 c of water to help with discoloration and shine .

-Condition your hair with a Moisturizing conditioner from the middle to the ends and comb through. Let that sit for 5-10 mins to ensure healthy locks.


Beach hangs

-Hats! wear a hat not only to protect your hair color but also your scalp... It's really no fun having a peeling red scalp.

-It is important to protect your hair from the sun and salt water but even more so if you have been coloring or lightening your hair. So it is not a bad idea to use a leave in spray with some sun protection. A Natural option would be Coconut oil because it Naturally has Sun protecting properties with an spf of 4 which blocks 75% of UV radiation.

- After sun spray not only smells great and lifts your mood but it is easy to make! There are tons of recipes online that are essential oil based and can be used on your skin as well to calm redness and soothe any burns.


Everyday shampooers

- Use a Co-wash in between using regular shampoo. A co- wash will help lightly cleanse and condition your hair without completely stripping it. This is different than using a sulfate free shampoo. So for those of you that have rapid color fading due to having to wash everyday then this routine would be great for you. 

-Don't be afraid to condition your hair! sometimes oily hair can be caused by scalp imbalances. if you suffer from excessive oil production you can book online and get your scalp health balanced out with a Healthy Scalp Treatment.


Heat tools 

- So many people use their heat tools on the wrong temperature and that can cause breakage,discoloration,and fried hair. Always use a heat protector while you are flat ironing or curling your hair and turn the heat down especially if you have bleach lightened hair. Use this guide bellow to determine if you're using the right temp.

Fine/fragile : 245 F-300 F

Thin: 300 F - 330 F

Normal : 330 F- 350 F

Wavy 350 F - 370 F 

Course :370 F - 410 F

Curly/thick : 410 F- 450 F

Doing these things this summer combined with regular professional treatments in the salon should set you up with the best summer hair you have ever had! 

Sources : Fife B. Healthy Ways newsletter 2001 

Botox for hair 

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