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What is Olaplex

Olaplex was created by two Chemists named Craig Hawker and Erik Pressly. These two men flipped the script on hair care and the awful effects of Cysteic Acid damage which can effect how your hair feels as well as how color is absorbed into the hair. It is said that Olaplex is not a conditioning treatment since it does not coat the hair in silicone therefore it does not replace your regular moisture and protein treatments.

Olaplex is added into your hair coloring service re -linking broken Disulfied bonds , meaning hair could possibly be lifted or colored more than once in a sitting solely dependent on your existing hair condition..

The treatment can also be used as an at home treatment to rebuild and strengthen and is called the NO. 3 at home treatment, this is retailed for about $20-$25 dollars .

As a colorist I strongly believe in using a bond rebuilding product to get your hair into optimum condition and ask you to trust this amazing product and give it a try!

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